5 Ways to Safely Enjoy Driving

5 ways to safely enjoy driving

“Driving safely” and “having fun” are not mutually excusive terms. In fact, it is actually quite easy to enjoy everything about your trip from point A to point B while still employing your defensive driving skills.

The thing is, driving is just fun. Whether you’re popping over to a friend’s house for the evening or trekking across the country on a road trip that may never end, you can make it fun and enjoyable – and you won’t even have to travel at breakneck speeds, skid into a parking spot, or slalom your way through traffic.

Of course, we understand if many of you don’t see how driving at the speed limit with both hands on the steering wheel counts as “fun.” That probably just sounds like plain old “driving” to most people.

But we’re here to tell you that you can make plain old driving fun so you can enjoy your time behind the wheel and get from place to place as safely as possible (whether those places are across town or across the country).

Who Cares If Driving is “Fun”?

A lot of you may be wondering why this even matters. Afterall, you might say, as long as I’m arriving safely, isn’t that all that matters? Who cares if I “enjoyed” the journey?

Well, here’s the thing: a lot of drivers experience a lot of anxiety when they get behind the wheel of a vehicle. They become nervous in thick traffic or they overthink every decision. 

If you’re having fun, then you’re probably making confident choices on the road. If you enjoy driving, you aren’t going to have the same doubts about your driving skills, and you’ll find yourself naturally in a mindset that is better suited for making good decisions and reacting quickly and appropriately.

You Can Make Driving More Enjoyable

For many people a drive is just a drive.

For us, it’s an opportunity to enjoy the freedom of the open road, or the chance to experience a precision vehicle. Sometimes, it’s just an opportunity to sing our favorite songs at the top of our lungs without a single critic in sight.

There are a lot of things that can make your drive more enjoyable, no matter where you’re going – it’s up to you how much you want to enjoy trip. 

Consider a few of these tips to make your next drive more fun.

  1. Make your vehicle more comfortable

No one enjoys riding in a car that’s filled with the garbage you meant to throw away two weeks ago. And, if the heat/AC has gone out, you certainly aren’t going to be comfortable enough to have fun in the coldest/hottest months of the year. Make comfort a priority by cleaning out your vehicle once in a while and making sure the comfort features are working properly.

  1. Keep the vehicle in great condition

You don’t need a high-end sports car to get the most out of every drive, but you do need a car that doesn’t make strange noises while idling or feels like the next U-turn will be its last. Get your car properly serviced to make sure it performs like it should.

  1. Don’t think of it as a chore

For a lot of new teen drivers, driving becomes a lot less fun the more they have to spend their time on the road shuttling younger siblings around town, or making quick trips to the grocery store, or any number of other jobs. If driving is more of a job than a hobby, they you should consider compensating yourself for a job well done. This way, you can give yourself something to look forward to.

  1. Enjoy your entertainment responsibly

Listening to music, podcasts, and audiobooks in a vehicle is pretty standard and can make any drive more enjoyable. However, if you find yourself getting too worked up by a certain radio personality, or getting too into the groove with the music, it may be time to switch to something else. There are plenty of safe entertainment options available. (And make sure you know your local laws if you prefer using headphones while you drive.)

  1. Don’t let others ruin your drive

When someone else cuts you off or won’t let you get around them or drives to close behind you… it can really ruin your day. The key is to remain calm and focused on your own enjoyment and never responding aggressively. Most of those drivers probably aren’t even aware that you’re getting frustrated, so don’t let their ignorance lessen your enjoyment.

Make It Fun and Safe

Your journey can be fun and safe if you follow some of these guidelines. Driving is fun, and we want all our students to feel comfortable behind the wheel so they can enjoy every moment of it.

You don’t need to drive like a Hollywood stunt driver to experience a thrilling car ride, but you do have to have the skills to reach your destination safely.

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