6 Places to Visit in Washington with Your New Driver’s License

You Got Your License! 6 Places to Visit in Washington | Swerve Driving School

Working through an online driver’s education class is a lot of work. Once you have completed the work and taken your driving test, it’s important that you take some time to celebrate. Exploring your home state is a great way to practice your driving skills while also doing something fun. If you are going to explore the state of Washington, here are 6 places to make sure you put on your road trip stops.

1. Seattle

While this can be a very intimidating place to drive, it is the most popular city in Washington. There are plenty of sites to see, including the Space Needle. There are some fun stops, including coffee shops, food stops, and the infamous gum wall. Pike Place is famous for its farmer’s markets, shops, and views. For a Washington road trip, this is a must-see.

2. Mount Rainier National Park

The tallest peak in the state, you can find it just south of Seattle. There are things to see in the Mount Rainier National Park. Year-round there are activities, including hiking in the summer through the Sunrise and Paradise regions, admiring waterfalls and enjoying the peace of the forest. During the winter, you can snowshoe around the parks and take in the excellent views.

3. San Juan Islands

Washington has plenty of islands, including clustered areas. North of Puget Sound, you can find the San Juan Islands and are reached by ferry. There are destinations that you should see here, including galleries, parks, and restaurants. Of course, there are plenty of water activities to do too, like boating, whale watching tours, and kayaking.

4. Olympic National Park

There is no shortage of scenery in this area of Washington. There are scenic drives that allow you to practice your driving while also taking in the incredible views. Stop in at the hot springs for a fun experience or hike up to a glacier. This is a stop you will use your camera a lot, so make sure it has a full battery.

5. Mount St. Helens

This volcano brought worldwide attention when it erupted in 1980. A monument was created, along with a visitor’s center, observatory, and science center. Schedule a stop to hike up to the top so you can see what remains and peer into the crater. Learn more about the disaster or get a permit to explore the area more in-depth.

6. Leavenworth

This town used to be known for its logging industry, but during the 1960s had a lull. To increase tourists and keep the town going, annual festivals and a Bavarian-theme were introduced. You will feel like you are in an authentic European city with the buildings, alphorn serenades, and residents wearing lederhosen.

These are just starting points for fun stops on a road trip. Don’t forget to pack your shiny, new Washington driver’s license and bring some extra cash. You might want to bring some money for souvenirs, a charger to keep your camera ready for anything, and some extra snacks for the car. Washington is a beautiful state with plenty to explore.


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