Are There Restrictions for Taking Driving School?

If you’re looking to get a driver’s license in Washington, Florida, and California, GoSwerve is here to help. We offer comprehensive driver’s ed for teens and adults looking to improve their driving skills and obtain a license. Learners looking for reputable Seattle driving schools can enroll in our classes to begin studying for their knowledge test and driving exam. Discover whether you may face restrictions when aplying for a license.

Restrictions for Teens

Teens can take their driving from an early age. Each state has unique age requirements. In Washington, you must be at least 15 to enroll in a driving school. Parents may register their teen children for TSE (Traffic Safety Education) when they reach 15. Age is one of many restrictions provided for taking driving lessons in Washington. Here are a few more restrictions teens may face:

1. Instruction Permit

All learners must have an instruction permit to practice driving. Teens under 15½ need a certificate of enrollment from GoSwerve or another approved school or instructor. You also need a parent’s signature granting permission for the permit. If you’re between 15½ and 17, you must pass the driver’s knowledge test and have a parent’s signature. You must also hold the instruction permit for at least six months.

2. Complete Curriculum

Teens taking driver training programs must complete the full course, which includes 30 hours of classroom instructions (maximum two hours per day). The program must also feature at least six hours of practice driving (maximum one hour per day). Other requirements include a minimum of one hour behind-the-wheel practice with a licensed instructor.

If you completed training elsewhere and hold an out-of-state instruction permit, make sure you submit your proof of out-of-state training to the TSE during your application. GoSwerve offers complete driver’s ed for teens, and you can customize the classes to fit your needs.

3. Proof of Identity

To apply for a Washington driver’s license, you must be a Washington resident. The license will show your address. You may need to prove residence or identity with documents such as a birth certificate or your parents’ ID.

4. Clean Record

Teens attending a driving school in Washington must maintain a clean track record during the six months they hold an instruction permit. You mustn’t be convicted for any traffic violation within the six months leading to your license application. Alcohol and drug offenses while holding an instruction permit will also hurt your prospects of getting a license. You should follow all traffic rules and avoid getting booked for violations.

Restrictions for Adults

Adults looking to obtain a WA driver’s license can enroll in classes for learners over 18. Washington State offers four primary options. You can take the same driver’s ed for teens, which provides a comprehensive curriculum covering everything. If you have behind-the-wheel experience, you can learn under a licensed driver with at least five years of experience. You can also transfer your driver’s license from another state.

You’ll need to pass the required knowledge and driving tests if you don’t have a license. Adult learners must get a permit to enroll in driver training or practice driving in Washington. The restrictions are fewer because some people have experience behind the wheel. You aren’t required to take the complete curriculum. GoSwerve offers customizable programs for adults. You can take a short refresher before taking your license exam or work with the instructor.

Anyone above 18 can take adult driving classes at Seattle driving schools like GoSwerve. We aim to help you improve your driving schools and achieve your goals. We offer flexible courses, so you can select the classes you want based on your needs. The TSE expects learners to join driving schools approved by the state. You must also be a Washington resident to apply for the WA driver’s license successfully.

Seattle Driving Schools You Can Trust

Taking a driver’s education should be effortless if you meet the minimum age requirement. Teens need a permit and parent signature to begin training and practice on WA roads. Adults may also need a learner’s permit. Anyone can join a driving school to brush up on their skills or study to pass the licensing exam. 

Our driving school is approved in Washington, California, and Florida. We have experienced instructors ready to help you become a safe, confident driver. Our classes are customizable, so you can study at your pace. Whether you need the complete program or just a few hours to refresh your knowledge, we have you covered.

If you’re looking for the best Seattle driving schools to take your driver’s ed, GoSwerve is here for you. Our method relies on modern forms of learning to help students study and adopt the necessary driving skills. We take pride in helping tomorrow’s drivers become better and safer. You can speak to our instructors to learn more about our school and requirements.

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