Can I Take a Drivers Test Without Driving Lessons?

You may wonder if professional driving lessons are necessary if you already know how to drive. At GoSwerve, we recommend completing our driving curriculum before hitting the roads. You can take and pass a driver’s test without professional lessons, but your chances at passing the first time will be lower. Driving with an experienced instructor can help you pass the test the first time and learn all the skills needed to be a safe driver.

Do I Need Lessons To Take a Driver’s Test?

Anyone of legal age can apply for a driver’s license, but you must pass the state-sanctioned test first. The driver’s exam features a written section that covers rules and regulations and a hands-on session with an examiner. You don’t need driving lessons to take the driver’s test, but your knowledge of the road and your vehicle can only benefit from a state-approved driver education curriculum. GoSwerve is a certified driving school that offers lessons in Washington, California, and Florida.

The driver’s test is about more than being able to drive a car. Unprepared learners are often confident in passing the test because of their ability to control the car. Examiners assess not only control, but many other safe-driving skills that an unexperienced driver may not know of or have mastered yet.

Here are three reasons why you should take driving classes before taking the driver’s test:

1. Master the Basics

Driving lessons are designed to make you a safe driver and help you obtain your license. If you enroll in GoSwerve’s complete curriculum for teens and adults, you’ll learn under the guidance of an experienced driving instructor who’ll assess your ability and address areas for improvement. We provide a wide range of learning resources to help you get ready for both the written knowledge test and practical driving test.

Our lessons are customizable to your needs and skill level. For example, if you’re confident driving on local roads, you may not need the comprehensive GoSwerve curriculum. Our instructors create custom lessons, including one-hour refreshers, so you’re confident in your knowledge before taking the test.

2. Take A Mock Driving Test

Professional driving lessons can include completing a mock driving test before the exam. Mock tests can also help you prepare for the written portion of the test. 

If you want to know what to expect from a driver’s test, GoSwerve is the team to approach. Our instructors will take you through a series of challenges to test your decision-making skills behind the wheel. The goal behind this practice is to polish the specific driving skills and abilities that the examiner will test during the exam. 

3. Save Time & Money

Enrolling in driving classes may save you time and money. If you take the test without lessons and fail, you’ll have spent resources that you can’t get back. Driving classes and mock tests save you time and money by pairing you with a qualified instructor that can help you gain the necessary training and preparation to pass the test on your first attempt. At GoSwerve, we have a high passing rate, meaning most of our students pass their tests on the first try.

If you happen pass the test without lessons, you may be missing out on the skills needed to navigate emergency driving situations. A driving school can teach you defensive driving skills and other maneuvers to help you avoid accidents. Getting a license without professional training may result in difficulty navigating situations where you need to make decisions fast and safely. This could lead to more accidents and higher insurance rates that cost you more in the long run.

Are Lessons a Legal Requirement for a Driver’s Test?

For now, driving classes are not a legal requirement for taking the driver’s test. But The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency is looking to introduce a mandatory minimum number of lessons with qualified driving instructors. No actions have been confirmed yet, so the law doesn’t require learners to complete professional driving lessons. You can take the driver’s test if you meet the application requirements of being of legal age and holding a learner’s permit.

States like Washington, Florida, and California have regulations concerning the legal age and hours of driving practice teen learners must have before becoming licensed. At GoSwerve, we offer a comprehensive driving course featuring everything a new learner with zero experience needs. We also customize lessons to meet the needs of the learner, so you can take the entire curriculum or a short class structured around specific areas you need to improve.

State-approved Driving Lessons in WA, CA, & FL

If you want to pass the driver’s test, take professional driving lessons from an approved driving school in your state. At GoSwerve, we serve teens and adults in Washington, California, and Florida. Our modern driving school can help you gain the knowledge and skills needed to become a better, safer driver.

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