How Does GoSwerve Help New Seattle Drivers?

If you’re checking out Seattle driving schools, you will want one with a proven record to help young drivers get their licenses and experienced drivers become safer one the road. GoSwerve provides driving lessons to ensure drivers are prepared to get behind the wheel and stay safe on Seattle streets.

Extensive Training

GoSwerve meets the needs of a variety of new drivers. We offer teen driver training to help those looking to get their permits. Our comprehensive curriculum teaches teens how to be safe drivers and avoid dangers.

We also offer driving lessons for adults who need to brush up on important skills before taking a driver’s test in Washington or to be safer on the road. We’ll help them go over the rules of the road and safety tips.

Our courses for teen driving include 30 hours of classroom training, five hours behind the wheel, and one hour of observation while someone else drives. These courses also include four hours of a driving simulation that will be done over zoom. This simulation teaches you about road construction, hazardous conditions, and other issues where defensive driving skills may be necessary.

Another beneficial feature with GoSwerve is that we are an approved testing center for the State. We provide both written and driving tests to help individuals of all ages get their driver’s licenses.

Safety First

Safety is the top concern of GoSwerve, which is evident in our curriculum. Our program helps teens and adults learn the skills they need to make the best decisions in various situations on the road. We provide this knowledge in small segments to ensure the students retain their knowledge.

Our instructors teach students about traffic laws and what can happen due to distracted driving. We also explain the mechanics of vehicle operation. We believe these foundations will help teens develop skills that last a lifetime.

Our Staff

Our instructors exceed the minimum state requirements for driving instructors. They are experienced in teaching teens and know how to keep them engaged. Their methods of teaching help teens stay interested and remember the information presented. Our teachers are motivated by a passion for helping new drivers build the skills they need to become the best possible drivers.

After each driving lesson, instructors will provide guidance for practice outside of class. They list challenges that the student can work on behind the wheel before the next driving practice session. We build on skills with each route designed to help the student put their new abilities into practice. While these routes are challenging, they aren’t overwhelming. Instead, they will help build the confidence of the student.

Another way that GoSwerve is different is that we have parents get involved. Because we believe that involving parents is important, we ask parents to attend the first class session. During this time, we provide tips for parents to help encourage and coach their teens when practicing.

Education and Testing

With so many driving schools in Seattle, you may wonder why you should choose GoSwerve. There are several benefits to working with us, including our engaging curriculum. We also offer convenient course schedules to fit around you and your teen’s other commitments.

We build on the skills of the students to increase the level of confidence that they need to develop when driving. As they gain more knowledge, they will feel better about facing the unexpected on the road. Because we provide education and testing, it’s easy to schedule the final exam. Once your teen has completed the program, we make it simple for them to take the tests to obtain their driver’s license.

Our curriculum has been developed by experts and is regularly updated. Our online scheduling tool makes it easy to schedule the driving portion of the course. You can schedule your next drive at a time that is most convenient for you. Our vehicles, known as Swervemobiles, are easy and fun to drive with clear visibility.

The exams we use do more than just ensure the student has learned the material. The questions are designed to get them thinking in a critical way about how to deal with situations they will face. Our goal is to change how people drive and we take this job seriously.

Choose GoSwerve Seattle Driving Schools

GoSwerve has a customer center that allows you to ask questions before and during the course. We want you to have all of your questions answered. We offer courses for teens and adults along with testing. You can find locations near you around Seattle and throughout the state of Washington.

If you need a driver’s ed course for your teen or as an adult you need a refresher course, GoSwerve offers numerous benefits to help you reach your goals. You can find a center near you and sign up online where you will learn from the best instructors with a course that makes learning to drive fun and safe.

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