How Long Does It Take To Learn the Basics of Driving?

Are you looking for a reputable school to learn the basics of driving? GoSwerve is here to help. We offer comprehensive driving lessons customized to your needs. Everyone has their own learning pace when it comes to driving. Some drivers are already comfortable behind the wheel. Others have never driven a car before. You can learn how to drive and pass your test in a few hours or might need several weeks to complete the entire program.

How Long Do Drivers’ Education Courses Take?

At GoSwerve, we tailor our driving lessons to your needs. If you’re new to driving, we recommend a complete driver’s education. Our program features classroom hours and practical driving under the coaching of an experienced licensed trainer. 

If you have driven a car before, you may not need to cover everything in the program. Our trainers can help you find the program that fits your needs. We offer everything from quick one-hour brush-up practice to full courses and defensive driving perks. Here’s an overview of our driving programs and how long they take:

1.    Teen Driver Training

Our teen driving school curriculum is engaging and comprehensive. We target teens with no past behind the wheel. You’ll go through 50 hours of supervised driving experience, including 10 hours at night. We aim to help teens master driving basics, learn to avoid dangers, and become safer drivers.

2.    Adult Driver Training

Many adults need lessons to brush up on their driving skills. Some adult drivers enroll in our programs to prepare for their tests. Others need to become safer drivers and master defensive driving skills. If you’re older than 18 and have no experience behind the wheel, we recommend taking the comprehensive program designed for teens.

3.    Road Knowledge Testing

GoSwerve is an approved testing center in the state of Washington and California. We offer road knowledge testing for drivers ready to apply for a license. Our team can help you schedule a convenient road knowledge test. We can include a one-hour refresher course to help you brush up on your knowledge before taking the test.

How Many Lessons Do You Need To Become A Licensed Driver?

Each state has varying driver requirements and most don’t set mandatory limits. The number of hours or lessons needed to become a licensed driver varies from person to person. On average, a comprehensive driver’s education will take 50 hours of driving lessons in Washington and Florida (30 hours in California). The classes are usually spread across several weeks and scheduled to your needs. Here’s what to expect if you choose the full program:

  • Secure your learner’s permit before enrolling for driver’s education
  • Enroll with GoSwerve Driving School, which is approved in Washington and California
  • Complete the required lessons and practice hours behind the wheel
  • Pass your driver’s knowledge written test and road test
  • Apply for your driver’s license
  • Consider extra packages like defensive driving

You can learn how to drive online from home and schedule practice lessons. Some learners have been driving under the guidance of their parents or licensed friend. Others are even comfortable driving on the roads and only need to pass the test and get a license. Washington and California don’t insist on driver’s education, provided you can pass the written and road tests.

What If I Don’t Pass My Test?

At GoSwerve, many of our students pass their tests and qualify for a state-approved license. If you complete the entire course, you will be more prepared for the driver’s test. Students who don’t pass the diver’s test on their first attempt shouldn’t panic. You can get a quick refresher course and examine your reasons for failing the test. 

We’ll help you prepare for your second try to qualify for a license. We have experienced instructors ready to customize your training to get enough hours and impart sufficient driving knowledge. You’ll be an experienced and confident driver by the end of our lessons.

Driving Lessons to Aid You Drive At Your Pace

Many people want to pass their tests as quickly as possible. Passing your test allows you to drive independently, and you’ll save more if you can learn faster. At GoSwerve, we recommend learning to drive at your pace. Safe driving is a life skill, and we don’t recommend rushing it to get a license. Whether or not you have a background behind the wheel, you should focus on mastering the required safe driving skills. 

Our instructors will work with your schedule to make the experience as convenient as possible. Everyone is different and you may need extra practice. If you’re not confident about your skills and ability to drive after training, don’t rush to the roads. We can schedule custom driving lessons to work on the difficulties and make sure you’re ready for the busy streets. GoSwerveserves Washington, California, and Florida.

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