How to Find (and Sign Up For) the Best Driving Lessons

Getting a driver’s license is a significant milestone for any teen or adult, as it can give them more freedom to move around. You can reach this milestone by signing up for the right driving lessons. Swerve offers unique driver training courses focused on promoting road safety. Here are some tips for finding and signing up for driving lessons:

Consider Your Location 

Different states may require prospective drivers to meet varying driver’s education requirements. Find a school that offers courses specifically for your area and their lessons will likely fulfill your state’s requirements.

Consider your location when looking for convenience, especially if you intend to take lessons in person. Several of our Swerve facilities are near high schools to offer convenience for teen learners and give greater peace of mind to their parents. It may be easier for you to attend all of your lessons if you enroll in a school nearby instead of driving an hour or more away.

Swerve serves clients in Washington, Florida, and California. We are licensed and certified to operate in these areas, meeting all state regulations. Our dedicated team stays updated on any regulation changes to help equip students with the information needed to pass their respective state exams. 

Consider Your Schedule 

It takes time and commitment to get your driver’s license. Your lessons need to align with your schedule. Before signing up for lessons, confirm whether your driving school offers online learning options or if they have lessons available when you’re free.

We understand that most of our students lead busy lives, so we accommodate them as much as possible. For example, our Florida instructors are available from 7 am to 9 pm daily, so you can choose lessons that work best for your schedule. We also offer online lessons so you can review your course when it’s most convenient. 

Ask About Behind-the-Wheel Lessons 

You need to know more than just your state’s driving rules and regulations to be a good driver. Students should also undergo in-car training and gain experience in real driving situations before sitting for their tests and earning their licenses. 

Swerve offers behind-the-wheel lessons as part of our all-rounded training packages. You can use our online scheduling tool to book your in-car lessons—we send instructions on how to use the tool as soon as you register for your classes. You do need a driving permit before your lesson, as it’s illegal to drive without one. 

Make Sure Your Instructors Are Qualified 

Taking lessons from a qualified instructor can help keep you and others safe when learning road safety techniques and when practicing behind the wheel. Qualified instructors can also increase your chances of passing your tests, as they have experience and can help interpret your course’s material.

All our instructors are licensed to teach in their respective states. They’ve received over 100 hours of training from state-certified training instructors. This training helps them do more than teach students how to pass their tests—it helps them train students on safe driving habits that can last a lifetime. Our instructors also receive a minimum of 75 hours of behind-the-wheel training, so you can better rely on their instruction during your in-car lessons.

Consider Course Structure

As with any training, driving lessons should follow a structure based on a student’s expertise and learning capability. Starting lessons with complex rules or maneuvers can be discouraging, especially for new drivers. Choose lessons that start with basic training and build on what you learn.

Swerve’s driving lessons are structured to challenge students based on their skill levels. We do this to avoid overwhelming students by introducing concepts too fast. Our lessons are presented in a fun and interesting way to help keep students actively involved.

Assess the Safety of Training Vehicles 

A good driving school has high-quality cars and added measures of protection to minimize the risk of accidents.

Swerve puts students’ safety before anything else, hence the presence of airbags and anti-lock brakes in all our vehicles. A right-side brake is also in place. Our Swervemobiles undergo regular maintenance, so they’re in good mechanical shape. They offer high-quality visibility so our students can see everything on the road. 

Swerve has gone a step further to protect our students’ health by sanitizing our cars after each driving lesson to minimize the spread of illnesses. We can also provide masks and hand sanitizers on request.

Sign Up for Our Driving Lessons

The quality of your driving lessons can help determine whether you’ll pass your driving tests. It can also impact your safety once you get your license, so you should enroll in quality classes. Find a driving school that’s state-accredited and only works with licensed instructors. 

Swerve offers a research-based curriculum for teenagers and adults seeking driver’s licenses. We work with professional instructors dedicated to producing qualified, safe drivers. Sign up for our Swerve classes and get on the road today.

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