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Teens who have met the age requirement can complete driver training lessons and apply for a driving license. Before receiving a driver’s license, applicants must pass the knowledge test and fulfill various other requirements. Each state has unique needs, and every teen driving school features a custom curriculum. Here’s an overview of the key requirements for teens looking to begin driver education in Washington:

Teen Driver Requirements

Applicants looking to begin driver education must be WA residents and meet the minimum age to get started. The process begins with enrolling in a new driver training program and obtaining a learner’s permit. Once the applicant has an instruction permit, they can complete driving school classes before taking the Washington driving test. Applicants must also complete road exams, pass the road test, and avoid convictions and traffic violations.

To apply for a driver’s license, teens must hold the learner’s permit for at least six months and complete 40 hours of practice driving. In Washington State, teen drivers fall under the IDL (intermediate driver’s license) laws. All training and tests must be completed in a state-approved institution like GoSwerve. Requirements also vary depending on the license sought. Below are the requirements for each step in the application process.

1.    Obtaining a Learner’s Permit

Aspiring teen drivers need to obtain a learner’s permit before beginning their training. The permit is available from the Washington State Department of Licensing (DOL) official website. Simply visit the website and click on License Express, then Join Now. Next, click on Pre-apply and fill out the registration form to receive a DLN/WDL number. Applicants can then update the WDL field in their student account or send the details to the driving school to obtain a permit.

2.    Completing Driver Education 

Teen drivers can complete the driver training course from any state-approved school. One must first obtain an instruction permit to be eligible for training. Driver education courses are different for each school but feature a basic curriculum required by the WA state. The training must feature 40+ hours of daylight practice driving and 10 hours of night practice driving. Below are the requirements:

  •   Commercial Driving Schools: Applicants must complete 30 hours of classroom training, including six hours of behind-the-wheel instruction and eight hours of Safe Driving Practices.

Teen applicants must complete eight hours of behind-the-wheel training delivered by a qualified trainer. Trainers must also have a clean track record with no suspensions or violations within the past few years. A trainer can be a spouse, parent, grandparent, foster parent, legal guardian, stepparent, sibling, uncle, aunt or other blood/marriage relative.

3.    Passing the Knowledge Test

The knowledge test is mandatory for everyone looking to obtain a WA driver’s license. Teen applicants must complete and pass a knowledge test at an approved location. The Washington State drivers knowledge test features unique questions, and applicants must pass the exam to qualify for a license. Passing the knowledge test is the main reason why applicants take a driver training course. A driving school can help you prepare for the exam and offer practice tests.

4.    Passing the Driving Test

The knowledge test is a sit-down exam involving answering specific questions. Driver’s license applicants must also complete a driving test, which involves behind-the-wheel driving at an approved testing station. The driving test and knowledge test make up equal parts of the exam. The examiner will evaluate various aspects, including mirror adjustments, keeping a safe distance, driving signals, speed limit, and more. Passing the driving test is a green light for getting a license.

Teen Driver’s License Requirements

Teens looking to obtain a Washington State driver’s license must complete the necessary training and pass the required tests. Everything starts with an instruction permit that allows the applicant to join a driving school. Applicants need to hold an instruction permit for six months without any convictions for alcohol, drug use or traffic violations. Teens with licenses from other states can also transfer their licenses to WA.

All drivers in Washington State must pass the eye test before receiving their license. The DOL also charges license application fees. Applicants can apply for different licenses, and each has unique requirements. Most teens apply for a Class D license, which allows the holder to drive personal cars within the state. Commercial driver’s licenses include Class A, B, and C, while Class E is for taxi and delivery drivers.

Reputable WA Teen Driving School

Obtaining a driving license in Washington State can be an effortless process, especially when training with a reputable driving school.

Teen applicants can quickly get a permit and complete basic driver training to complete driving school and acquire the skills required for safe driving. Adults can also explore defensive driving. At GoSwerve, we can help you get the proper training and an easy and successful driver’s license application process.

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