What to Do After You Pass Your Driving Test

What to do After Passing Your Driving Test | Swerve Driving SchoolAfter passing your driving test, there is a strong feeling of accomplishment- and rightly so. All the requirements for your driver’s license should be met at this point and now it is just technicalities to finish before you can use your freedom to hit the open road. Here are five things you should do once you get your license.

1. Get Insurance

Hopefully, you already have insurance from when you were driving with a permit. Not every state or insurance company requires you to be though when an adult is helping you learn. Make sure that before you start driving on your own, you have the proper amounts of insurance and proof kept in the glove box. This will be necessary if you are ever pulled over or get into a car wreck.

2. Shop for a Car

There are many places to shop for a car, but if you are new to this whole process, it can feel overwhelming. When buying your first car, pick something that you can feel comfortable driving. Notice if it is manual or automatic. Have a mechanic look it over to make sure it is dependable. Don’t spend too much money on it either because even though you have been practicing driving, it’s nice to have something the first year or two to not have to stress so much about scratching, denting, or continuing to learn on. And don’t forget to find some fun accessories to make it your own.

3. Stock the Trunk

Being a responsible driver means thinking ahead and being prepared. Make sure you know where everything is to change the spare tire if you are driving by yourself when you get a flat. Keep an extra phone charger in the middle console for emergencies. Don’t forget to keep an emergency kit in the trunk with basic medical items and a bottle or two of water. You don’t have to fill the trunk up with items for every possible scenario, but making sure you are prepared for common situations can help ease a lot of stress from being out on your own.

4. Post on Social Media

Whether you are a teenager or adult, getting your first drivers license is a big deal. Everyone posts the standard picture of themselves with their new license in hand, standing in front of the DMV to show off their accomplishment. Once it is your turn, make sure you share it with the world. It’s a great way to let everyone celebrate with you.

There are many reasons to celebrate having your license. You completed online drivers ed courses, practiced long hours behind the wheel during driving lessons, and even had to study for exams. Now that you have passed your driving test, enjoy reaping the rewards of your new-found freedom.

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