Why To Choose GoSwerve for Drivers Ed

If you’re looking at driver’s education for your teen, you’ll discover several options for in-person or online classes. GoSwerve provides accessible online drivers ed for teens who are ready to begin the process of getting their license. Here are some reasons to consider GoSwerve for your teenager:

Research-based Training

When you choose GoSwerve, your teen gets the benefit of a curriculum that was developed through extensive research. It has been tested to verify that it provides the information new drivers need to develop the necessary skills for safe driving. 

When teens use our curriculum, they gain knowledge that will help them react appropriately when they get behind the wheel. We also provide a program to assist teens in passing the written test to get their driver’s permit. Once they have their permit in hand, they can move forward with driving practice. They will need to have their learner’s permit before the driving class they signed up for starts.  

Exceptional Instructors

Our instructors exceed the requirements of the state and undergo extensive training in how to teach teens. They learn how teens think and how to engage their students as they teach. The instructors go through more than 100 hours of training with 75 hours behind the wheel before they begin teaching. 

We look for more than just the ability to complete training when choosing instructors. Our goal is to find people who are passionate about their job and are energetic enough to keep up with teens. These instructors will coach teens to be safer drivers and encourage them as they develop habits they will take with them on the road.  

Engaging Curriculum

GoSwerve has developed a curriculum that keeps your teen engaged. We know that teens learn better when they are interested. Our instructors receive training in giving presentations to help them interact with the students and present material in an exciting way. 

Our curriculum teaches students traffic laws, how to operate a vehicle, and the dangers of distracted driving. This information is presented in a fun way to help students remember the key points. They use the information they learn when they get behind the wheel. This instruction is the foundation for building skills to be safe, confident drivers. 

Parent Involvement

One of the features that make GoSwerve different is the level of parent involvement. We encourage parents to attend the first class in the driver’s education training. During that session, we provide information that will impact the teen throughout the training. Parents also learn how they can help encourage their teens when they are practicing their driving. 

You can contact our customer service anytime if you have questions. We want you to be involved because it will help your teens excel at driving. 

Convenient Access

GoSwerve makes it easy to sign up for the teen driving program. Sign up on our website or give us a call if you prefer. You can schedule your teen’s drives online at any time. If you need to change a scheduled drive, you can make the adjustment through the website at your convenience.

You can click on the state where you live and find out the driver’s license requirements for that state. We provide links and other resources to answer your questions. If you need more assistance, you can talk to our customer service team.

State-approved Testing

GoSwerve is a state-approved testing site in Washington. Your teen can take their road exam with our instructors to get their license. This takes some of the stress off your teen about the exam. They’ll be driving the same type of vehicle for the test as they have practiced with. Once they complete and pass the test, they can take the results to their local DMV office to get their license. 

Our instructors will cover the information students need to know to pass the written test. They will also teach your teen essential driving skills that they will exhibit in the driving test. We help you meet the requirements of the state to get a driver’s license. We provide night driving classes, which can make up part of the required ten hours of nighttime driving. 

Your teen must have at least 50 hours of driving practice before they can take the driving exam. You can purchase driving instruction packages if your teen needs more help to excel at specific skills. When you put all these features together, it helps give your teen the confidence they need to get behind the wheel. 

Trust GoSwerve for Drivers Ed

If your goal is to help your teen become a safe driver who can handle whatever situations come their way on the road, sign them up for one of our courses. Let GoSwerve prepare your teen for driving with our exceptional courses and instructors. Enroll your teen in our drivers ed today to help them get started. 

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