Driver Safety: Halloween Edition

Driver Safety Halloween | Swerve Driving SchoolThe evenings are getting darker, leaves changing colors, and temperatures are dropping. That can only mean one thing; fall is here. As October gets into full swing, preparations for Halloween are going strong. One thing to include in your Halloween prep is taking a refresher course in driving safety for the big night. While it might be all fun and games, it’s important that you know how to navigate the night safely.

Drive Extra Cautiously

Halloween is a fun night for people of all ages, including children. Whenever you drive in an area when there will be extra pedestrians around, it is important to increase your cautiousness. Drive a little slower than necessary and try to anticipate people walking out in front of your car. Watch the people on the sidewalks with more vigilance. Kids are more likely to run into the street or step off the sidewalk when they are out walking with a group and excited.

Not only will people be dressed in darker clothing and costumes, but children are also harder to spot since they are shorter. Driving slower means you will be able to stop your vehicle faster, avoiding pedestrians of any size.

If possible, avoid areas that you know will have a high number of trick-or-treaters, including neighborhoods, businesses doing trunk-or-treat events, or even popular Halloween attractions like haunted houses. Also, be sure to keep your headlights on, even if it is barely dusk. It’s important that pedestrians can see you too.

Another important way to drive with extra caution is to make sure you have a full range of vision and hearing. Don’t wear a mask or anything over your head while driving. If your costume prevents you from moving your arms or legs freely, just don’t wear it. You will need to have full use of your body to steer or brake quickly. It’s more important to drive safely, so change into your costume when you get to your destination if it is going to interfere with your driving abilities.

Stay Focused

Limit all distractions when you are driving. Don’t play music too loudly, do anything on your cell phone, apply makeup, eat, or get too involved in conversations with your passengers. It is important to focus on driving safely and anticipating any accidents. If traffic slows down or a pedestrian walks in front of your car, staying focused can make all the difference in avoiding a crash.

Another key to staying focused is to not drive impaired. If you are attending a party where there is alcohol and intend to drive home, stay away from the drinks. If you do plan to drink, have a designated driver for your group or arrange to find another way home. Alcohol slows your reaction time, limits your concentration, and decreases your coordination. These all interfere with your ability to stay focused on the road and driving safely.

Halloween is an evening of parties and fun that go well into the night. Being responsible by driving cautiously and staying focused, you can keep all the scary stuff in the parties and activities, away from the road.

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