Waited to Get Your License? Here are Common Reasons Why and How to Change It

Swerve Driving School - Waited to Get Your License? Common Reasons Why and How to Change ItIf you didn’t jump at the chance to get your driver’s license the day you were legally able, you are not alone.

Many teens wait to get their license because they don’t have an interest or don’t feel ready. There are many different reasons, but here are some of the more common ones and how you can change it.

4 Common Reasons

1. Access to a Car

This reason is common since many teens share a car with their parents or family and don’t have a lot of access to practice. For others, there would be no access to their own car after getting a license, making the efforts useless in their minds.

Solution: For practicing, you can usually use the family car, parent’s car, or even a friend’s car with them in the passenger seat (if they are of the legal age to do so).

If you want a driver’s license but won’t have your own car, it doesn’t mean that you won’t have opportunities to drive. If you have a license, chances are that the car your parents use or that is the family car will be available for you to use if you are responsible.

It’s also nice to have in case of an emergency and you need to drive.

2. No Extra Time

Many teenagers don’t feel like they have time to take driving lessons. With so much going on at school with homework, extracurricular clubs, sports, studying for other tests, and jobs.

Schedules don’t always lend themselves to working in a teen driver’s education class. So many things are always pulling for attention that sometimes potential drivers just don’t feel like they can squeeze in one more thing.

Solution: In some states, teen drivers’ education classes are available online. If someone who wants to drive can find a little time here and there, they can work on their classes every now and then and work at their own pace. 

3. No Need

Some parents are more than willing to play chauffeur and it leaves teens unmotivated to get their license.

Other teens have access to great public transportation options and find it easier to just use those options than to go through the licensing process.

With so many options for using a ride-sharing app, even fewer people feel like a license is necessary.

Solution: Everyone wants to grow up and be a little more independent sometimes. Not everyone hits that point at the same time though. Once you are ready to feel more in control and increase your responsibility, you can take driving lessons.

4. Fear

If the responsibility of having a driver’s license is daunting or just a lack of confidence behind the wheel is holding you back, you are not alone.

Many people struggle with fear that something will go wrong or that they will lose control of the vehicle.

Solution: The best way to get over the fear of driving is practice. A teen driver’s education course can help ease some of those fears by helping give some education. Having an instructor in the passenger seat with you, can help build your confidence and help you know that you can learn to drive.


No matter what the reason is for not having a license yet, everyone works on their own timetable. With online drivers ed courses, you can take driving lessons when you’re ready and work at your own pace.

Don’t let anyone pressure you to get your license. It is never too late to get your driver’s license, so do it when you are ready.

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