How Many Driving Lessons Do I Need?

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Many factors affect how many driving lessons you’ll need before becoming a licensed driver. The government doesn’t have an official number, provided you pass the knowledge and driving test. Most experienced drivers aim for the minimum number of lessons to save money. Taking as many lessons as possible will make you a better driver. You’re also less likely to fail the knowledge/drive test if you’ve put in enough hours of practice. 

How Many Lessons Do Teen Drivers Need?

Teen drivers in Washington State must acquire an instruction permit and hold it for at least six months. If they aren’t convicted for any traffic violations during the six months, they can apply for driver education lessons. The number of lessons needed to pass a test varies depending on the school. While the government requires no minimum number, most schools have courses lasting up to 50 hours. Each state also imposes unique requirements. 

In Washington State, teens between 16 and 17 years must complete at least 30 hours of classroom lessons. You also need at least 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction from an expert driver. The Department of Licensing recommends 40 hours of daylight driving and 10 hours of night driving. All driving practice should be done under a licensed driver with more than five years of experience. 

Reputable driving schools like GoSwerve feature 50 hours of practice driving, including 10 hours completed at night. Putting in 50 hours of practice driving is sufficient for teens to get a license in any state. Some people may need more, especially if you fail to pass the driver knowledge test. The government requires applicants to get at least 20 of the 25 knowledge test questions right to qualify for a license. Taking more lessons increases the chances of passing your test.

How Many Lessons Do Adult Drivers Needs?

Adults 18 years or older don’t need any specific number of lessons to qualify for a Washington State driver’s license. You may be able to bypass the instruction permit and training courses if you’ve been behind the wheel before. Washington State offers four options for adults looking for a license. Applicants can take a driver training course at an approved school like GoSwerve. You’ll complete classroom hours and get a driving permit if you choose this option.

After training, you must take and pass the driving test. Adult applicants can also pass the knowledge test, obtain a permit, and practice under a driver with 5+ years of experience. The third option is to pass the knowledge and drive test without taking driving lessons. Applicants licensed in other states can also transfer their license to Washington State. The two latter options don’t involve taking classes and suit those who’ve driven before.

Taking the knowledge and driving test without lessons or adult driving school isn’t recommended. Driving schools offer unique curricula that’ll make you a better driver. Taking driving lessons is more than just passing the knowledge and driving test. The goal is to equip learners with the skills required to maintain safety on the roads. Some courses offer defensive driving instructions and customized lessons to increase information retention.

How Many Lessons Should I Take?

No specific number of lessons is ideal for everyone. If you received a permit at 15 and have some background in driving, you might not need 50 hours. Taking driver education lessons is still recommended regardless of experience, and the 50 hours is never a waste of time. Think of the lessons as an investment in your becoming the best driver. Applicants who’ve never been behind the wheels should take the entire course before attempting the knowledge test.

The best lessons cover at least 40 hours of daylight driving under the instructions of an experienced/licensed driver. You also need 10 hours of night driving. Coupled with classroom lessons, 50 hours of practice are sufficient to teach you everything to know about safe driving. Most driving schools also offer customized packages, and you can always get a refresher to touch up your skills. Adults who’ve driven before can take 20-30 hours of practice.

Teens with no experience behind the wheels are better off with the maximum number of lessons. Taking more classes can equip you with the information needed to pass the knowledge and drive test. You’ll only receive a license after passing the knowledge and driving test. Those who fail their first attempt should consider taking additional lessons. You can prevent such outcomes by joining a reputable driving school and taking the maximum number of lessons.

Driving Lessons in the Washington State

Are you looking for driving lessons in Washington State? You can find many driving schools around WA, but not all are flexible or reputable. You need a trustworthy state-approved driving school with customizable programs and a complete curriculum. At GoSwerve, we offer a unique drivers education curriculum for Washington, California, and Florida residents. Our method steps away from conventional forms of driver’s education to guarantee quick learning and adoption.

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